Saturday, December 26, 2009

Who Is Your Walking Partner ?

Morning walk is like a freshet to us. We humans are working with dreadful energy throughout the day and most of us are fed up with fretful life but still we should not begin our day with apathy.
In order to make our days fast and fresh, a good start is required. A well equipped morning freshen up session, better would be morning walks. This will enlighten your day with loads of energy.
Many of you all will desire to do it but most of you all would keep a pause for it because you require a walking partner. To boost up your energy when you wake up with your lazy mood to walk.  
Choosing a right morning walk partner will help you to find the maximum use of morning session. Many of you all will have your walking partner as friends, spouse, dogs and few prefer to walk alone. But I will suggest you to have a walking partner with you which will help you to complete your morning session without boredom. But when you end with whom to choose, I suggest your dog. A recent study has shown that dog walkers showed a big improvement in fitness whereas human walkers make themselves lose their energy by talking and find some excuse in between the walks. The dog walkers had improved with 28% of walking speed as compared to their previous record whereas human walkers showed just 4% increase.

It’s a right time to choose your walking partner. And the dogs are far better a good option. Yah, who knows you dog may be your good companion..!!!

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