Saturday, December 19, 2009

Smoking And Ways to Quit It

This will be a long awaiting answer for all the smokers. Even many in the world can even give up their whole wealth to know the answer. But the best solution to quit smoking is easy. It does not require a prior method but a good effort. That’s what makes a big difference. Smokers basically are called irresponsible person. Whereas they smoke thinking about their responsibilities. Many people smoke to reduce tension, some for style, some to show off, some for spoiling themselves and others. So when a person like us, who are interested in public welfare, says all smokers are selfish, irresponsible people.I coin the term smoking as, a technique that kills a man and give him a illusion that it make him get free of problem/tension, rather it’s going to create more problems.Smoking can also affect more than just your lungs. How can we stop this all of a sudden, its simple rather to make it complex.Follow my suggestions : • Keep a Smoking Jar - keep a count that how much u smoke today. Next day try to reduce a count from the previous day. Slow and steady process it is.As once you end up with one ciger a day, do the following process step by step to avoid smoking, • Take up a hobby that keeps your hands busy. • changing your mindset regarding smoking • Avoid depression, mood swings, anxiousness, short temper, weight gain, and headaches. • Get medication done. • Throw away match box, ash trays, lighters and thing which reminds you of smoking. • Reward yourself. Come up with reasons to celebrate your quitting at regular intervals. As your body is addicted to nicotine. You will face these problems once you quit smoking. You may crave a cigarette or feel hungrier than usual. You may feel edgy and have trouble concentrating. You also may cough more at first, and you may have headaches. And If you relapse, don't panic. This to risking yourself again into danger zone. Quit smoking.. enjoy living..!!!
Smoking can increase your risk for heart attack, stroke, osteoporosis (thinning or weakening of your bones), and cancers other than lung cancer. It can also reduce your ability to get pregnant and increase your chances of having problems with your pregnancy.

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