Sunday, December 27, 2009

Kung fu : The Best Martial Art

It looked strange to me when some people flinging their hands and legs forcefully in all direction as possible with a quaint (or Odd) sound along with the movements. sometime i even laughed at such acts but when i started analyzing why people go for it, the so called Chinese martial art called Kung Fu.
why do people go for martial art ?
Its been analyzed and proved that human bodies are handled more roughly in nature than being smooth. basically humans end up with muscle problems at their old age with major bone tends to depreciate due to prolong exposure to wrong movements when we find to shape these rough edges and make the movement soft.

so that the body will be relieved or restored in a good condition.
I know what you think now? how does this deal with kung Fu ? yah, i just want to let you know one example. cat can jump from anywhere and land safely with out gettin any hurt. its all because it has been made to make its movements soft. thats the reason it lands safe when it jumps. the same way even Kung Fu trains humans to handle themself soft with muscles and bones rather being harsh or rough. and this is why Kung Fu plays a vital role in it.

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