Saturday, December 26, 2009

Meditation for Heart & Mind

It’s just a matter of heart and mind to make us healthy.Do you think transcendental meditation helps the heart and mind?Come let’s discuss about it with an intellectual study of thinking and understanding.Transcendental meditation is not a matter of experience or belief. It’s a innate in the mind (or intuition).The actual fact for these meditation goes like this: people who meditated had cut their risk of heart attacks, strokes & death, roughly by half compared to other people who were totally involved in conventional education about their diet and lifestyle.Mediators were proved to remain disease free and have reduced their blood pressure. Many research also proved that transcendental meditation along with conventional meditation helps to reduce the overweight or obese. People participated in this has reviewed that this practice makes them to control their stress and control their mind by themselves.A recent study has made with 200 high risk patients for an average of 5 years. Among them 100 were taken into meditations and other 100 were followed tips other than meditation group. The result was 20 from meditation group has undergone heart attacks, strokes and death. Shockingly the comparison group had 32 such cases. Thus the meditations seem to have more secured health compare to others.Research also mentioned that the main reason for such stress reduction and this would in turn cause change in the brain and cut stress hormones such as cortisone and damped the inflammatory process associated with arthrosclerosis.

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