Thursday, July 9, 2009

Pregnancy care

A women life is complete when she gives birth to a child. Pregnancy plays a vital role in every women life. It’s the best time a woman can experience in her life. She is surrounded by love, care and affection. But not only her happiness and surrounding can not make her healthy to give birth to a baby.
Some factors for pregnancy women includes
For better lactation, take lots of milk products and natural food items.
Intake plenty of water to stay away from dehydration
Take lots of fruits and vegetables.

Oil your body and take bath to avoid stretch marks and dry skin
Consume all vitamin tables prescribed by doctor, its necessary.
Do some house hold work like washing, cleaning to make your delivery easy.
Go for home made, well cooked food and avoid junk foods.
drink lots of fruit juices
Don’ts : No traveling from 5th month.
No smoking and drinking.
Maintain your blood sugar, avoid too much of sugar.
Stay away from insect bites and infections.
Avoid taking medicines for simple reason.
Avoid too much of coffee or tea to avoid diabetics in baby.
Don’t maintain diet when you’re pregnant.
Avoid fried or spicy food.

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