Monday, June 15, 2009


ALCOHOL... Some people take it for pleasure; some take it to enjoy their happiness, some for having fun, some take it to forget their sadness, some take it to get proper sleep, some take it with friends’ compulsion but many take these knowing harms. I consider it as an “SLOW POISON “and of course it is.
Have you ever thought of what is happening when you intake a sip or glass of alcohol. Do you think you body remains normal even after having it. The answer is absolutely ‘NO’. I can promise you.

Let me give a live example,

When you started consuming it. You can find your speech and voice started trembling and senseless. But still with more enthusiastic. When you consume it more and more then you become slurred and sluggish. You’re totally down. Is it so? This is because when you drink, your frontal cortex is getting affected in your brain (this part of our brain which controls our behaviors).

Yah, now don’t come to the conclusion that it only affects the brain. It also affects our nervous system, causes liver problem, heart disease; it mostly affects every part of the body. And finally large intake lead to alcoholism and this take you to face series of health problems in your own body.

So whenever you plan to take alcohol next time. Please do remember “YOUR SPOILING YOURSELF “ .
Stay away from alcohol.

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