Sunday, June 28, 2009

Muscle Building Tips

Body building the dream of many youngsters of this generation. But body building keenly involve in muscle stretch. So care should be taken to make your muscle composition rather you should not only take care of only enlarging your muscle.
Some facts about muscle building,
• Muscle building involves some genetic factors, being normal helps us with easy workout and thin people have to gain more pain to increase your body muscle. 

• Starching your muscle before exercise may reduce your muscle strength.
• Pressing exercise may some time lead to shoulder pain this is due to imbalance in your exercise schedule.
• Excess exercise does not mean you will end up in more muscle.
• For best result never go for isolation exercise.
• Long training session decreases your strength rather increasing your body mass.
• When you work with more pain, the more result you get.
• Avoid breaks in the exercise session, which in turn helps us to burn our fats and calories.
• Effect way to reduce fat is AEROBICS.
• Six meals per day is more effective rather than three meals per day.
• Metabolism increases your weight loss.
• Too much diet does not work in body building.
• 5 days a week with one hour training gives you effective results.

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