Saturday, June 27, 2009

How Important is your Breakfast ?

Most of us start our morning intake with breakfast; many even skip their breakfast. It is like beginning the journey (the complete day) with a fuel (break fast). So if our break fast is best and heavy it takes you all along your healthier.Most of our parents concentrate mostly on having breakfast rather than meals or dinner.
So it’s always better to have heavy breakfast rather skipping breakfast. Something is better than nothing. Heavy breakfast does not mean you can eat what ever you wish. 

We should be selective in our morning food. Healthy food picks your day and unhealthy food kicks your day. So always go for the former one.
Here let’s discuss about some healthy food stuffs to have in the morning time which should be able to boost your day all along,

Foods like,

Grains(breads, cereals etc), proteins, fat less milk, fat free cheese, vegetables, fruits especially banana, fresh juices, fresh fruit salads, protein shakes, wheat toast with butter etc.

But avoid foods,

Which contains too much of fats, calories, like burger, pizza, junk foods, ready made eatables, Maggie etc.

Having breakfast not only brings up energy, if it is not taken then you will face lots of problem in future. Because it provides energy to your brain to work the whole day rather if your brain fails, definitely your day is gone.
Always remember this,

BREAKFAST, chases the day FAST…!!!

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