Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Most parents feel happy when their kids volunteering have food from outside. Especially junk food. You look into that, as your kid is having something which he/she likes rather you should also make sure, is it healthy for you?
JUNK FOOD plays a very important role in maintaining kid’s health. As a parent we normally look only for cleanliness for how food is prepared rather no matter if it’s healthy or not. Junk food/fast food mainly consumed by youngsters and kids. It finally becomes an addiction.

Let’s take a detail observation of how junk food disturbers our body in many ways.

The disadvantage of having junk food is its

2. Suppress you to consume nutritious food
3. Adds on your weight, body fat and calories
4. Increase sugar and salt in the body
5. Open to many disease

We cannot conclude the topic by saying it’s completely unhealthy because if it’s unhealthy then why many junk/fast food shops are popping out now a day?
Then why is it everybody buying it again and again? There are many reasons why people go for it. And some varieties have good amount of calcium, proteins in their food content.

E.g., baked beans contained rich protein in that, French fries has got rich vitamin C in it.

And also, its

1. Not costly (affordable by everyone)
2. Easy to buy (buy anywhere)
3. Takes less time to prepare (few minutes to prepare)
4. Many varieties.

Having junk food at times may sometime not affect your health but unconditioned junk food consumption may lead to increased problems.

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