Friday, June 12, 2009

Is diabetic an incurable disease?"

I basically don’t want to discuss this topic with all medical term and phrases. Let’s discuss diabetics in a layman term.

what is diabetics and why it is caused?
When the glucose in blood is above usual level ( say abnormal)
And this excess of glucose is caused either due to the resistance in insulin or less insulin causes diabetics.
Some Symptoms
Excessive urination,Persistent thirst ie, excessive fluid intake,Unusual weight loss,Smelly urine,Increased or extend hunger,Blurred vision,Lack of interest in sex life,Hormonal imbalance,Delay in wound heeling ,Dryness in skin etc

Is it hereditary disease? Can we take precautions if it’s hereditary?
One of the major reason for diabetics is, it’s genetic. More than 80% of diabetic patient will have his/her any one of the family member will be affected by it. There is a high probability for diabetics for children also.
Yes, we can take precautions right from the childhood days to avoid it because you have the high probability for the disease to occur. Maintaining proper diet, healthy exercise, less consumption of sugar etc may sometimes help you to get rid of diabetics.

Is diabetic’s curable or incurable disease?Once it is occurred, then its incurable but it is controllable.
Ya, we can control it by taking medicines, doing meditations, keep your blood sugar under control, maintain diet, avoid having sugar. Use sugar free food etc
By taking all these precautions we can only control diabetics but still you are a diabetic patient.
So avoid diabetics before it occurs.

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