Friday, June 26, 2009

How to Reduce Your Tummy Fat?

" Flat tummy is what every one dreams about. When your tummy is not flat, then it’s obviously a black mark to your beauty and your physique. Keeping the tummy flat does not only mean our external beauty but it is very important to maintain our abdominal muscles( stomach part) and it controls most of our body activities and even constipation, lower back pain is avoided if we keep our abdominal muscle strong and fit
Some people feel reducing the tummy fat is extremely tedious job to do. Some even find ashamed to appear themselves to parties due to extra tummy fat.

 Some goes to an extend to do tummy tuck surgeries, where money matters a lot. Instead try reducing the tummy fat natural and healthy manner .I may deal different ways how to reduce it. "

Dietary support program

Maintain a diet calendar  of Health Tips and follow the do’s and don’ts in maintaining the healthy diet.This helps us to burn lots of calories in your abdominal area.

Weight machines

Lifting weight also sometimes reduces our abdominal fats but it should be done with respect to the age and body conditions of an individual. A study has been told that lifting weight for 2 weeks may burn the fat in tummy. But it should be taken care under doctor’s guidance.

Slimming programs

Many slimming programs that provide best advice for people to reduce their weight especially for women. Join in those programs if you’re of no idea about reducing your tummy fat.

Regular exercise

For exercise we should first decide upon the best time for our exercise. It is based on the age and their physical health. Don’t continuously do some heavy workout for your abdominal muscles rather gradually do some simple and heavy exercise side by side. Follow exercises like Bicycle pumps, Full circle forso twist, Crunches, swimming for effective results.

Avoid foods contain sodium

Avoid having food that contains lots of sodium in them like Soya sauce, peanut butter, tomato juice, and potato chips, anything that contains lots of salt etc

And also,

Quit smoke and stress, Avoid late night eating, Eat protein rich foods
Eliminate snacking, eat lots of fruits and vegetables

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