Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Basic looks bothers a lot when your are cool, smart and strong. All these come under your healthy life. Your face is going to create a perfect impact on how healthy your body is. So when you don’t take care of it, its going to definitely pull down your health and confidence in you.
Most of us cover our skin; protect our body from the outer atmosphere because of the major effect of SUN on our SKIN. Too much direct exposure of the sun may lead to

A. Sun burn
B. UV rays in sun damages our cellular DNA
C. Risk of Skin Cancer
D. Sun stroke
E. Patches in skin
F. Dryness in skin
G. Roughness
H. Premature wrinkles
I. Age spots, etc...

In order to avoid it, we cannot stop walking in sun rather it adds some added healthy factors to us. Say direct sun rays may add advantages like.

A. Supplies vitamin D
B. Automates our body process ( from top to bottom)
C. Strengthens our immune system
D. Prevent/hinder from bacteria, virus and other infections.

So to get rid of all the above conflicts and facts, we can take preventive measures to avoid these diseases and take precautions for the above risks.

A. Use sunscreen or sun blocks
B. Use sun glasses
C. Use best and protective clothing
D. Use ointments to protect the exposed area like nose, hand etc

All the above Health Tips can be taken under the prescription of doctor with respect to your skin texure.

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