Monday, May 18, 2009


Are you a person who wishes to spend your day in a beneficial way? Do you want your regular work to be carried out in an efficient healthy manner? Here come the tips you are in need of.

1. Make your mind fresh and go for a morning walk and do some simple exercise
freshen up yourself. Let your body sweat as much as it can.

2. Put any face pack so that you can retain your skin complexion (use natural or herbal products rather than chemical ones)

3. Floss your teeth every day. Brush your teeth twice a day. Once in morning and the other is before going to bed.

4. Eat food which is rich in proteins and vitamins so that it helps you to withstand your energy for long time. Try adding up fruits and fresh raw vegetables to your diet.

5. Avoid nap in afternoons rather spend time in motivational books, art, music, novels, social activities etc

6. Try making your mind calm by doing some Yoga or a pleasant walk with your friends or relatives or neighbors’ in evening time.

7. Don’t have heavy food for the dinner as it is not good for health.

8. Have your dinner three hours before you go to your sleep. This helps us in proper digestion.

9. Maintain a regular bedtime and wake up timings and sleep in a comfortable bed/mat with pillow and make your environment dark, and less noisy.

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